Your Top Three Ideas for Better and More Attractive Lighting for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom’s lighting can go a long way to making your bathroom more functional – and aesthetically pleasing as well. A bathroom that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing is automatically more comfortable, and if you want a truly multi-operational room, then you have to pay some attention to the lighting. The lighting doesn’t have to be the focal point of your bathroom, however – in fact, with three key ideas, your bathroom’s lighting can already become more functional and attractive. So how can you improve your bathroom’s lighting? Here are your top three ideas for better and more attractive lighting for your bathroom.

Use lights for your bathroom mirror

All bathrooms have mirrors, so we can see ourselves when we shave, apply makeup, and do some grooming and styling. But your mirror should be accentuated with lighting in order for the mirror to be fully functional and practical. A single ceiling light won’t do; as a matter of fact, ceiling lights often create splotches, lines, and shadows which make it more difficult to accomplish your grooming tasks. What you can do is place a bath light bar across the top of the mirror or make use of vertical light fixtures or sconces on both sides of your bathroom mirror. This can provide you with the best kind of light for more meticulous tasks. One tip from the pros is this: if mounting vanity lights on both sides of the mirror, make sure the fixtures are about 28 inches away from each other and about 60 inches from the floor for the brightest light across your face.

Go for white

One of the best things you can do to improve your bathroom’s lighting would be to go for white lights. Daylight is best for the bathroom since it can reflect the true colouring of your hair, clothing, and makeup. It’s best to go for lighting with white shades, such as clear or frost. If you’re going to use LEDs, go for LED bulbs which have a colour temperature between 2700K and 3000K and a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of around 90.

Layering your bathroom lighting

If you want to set the mood and tone for your bathroom – from doing important morning tasks to relaxing in your whirlpool bath at night – then you should also pay attention to the layering of your bathroom lighting. One of your best options would be to install dimmer switches so you can easily adjust the brightness of the lights in your bathroom. If you have extra space, you can install a decorative ceiling fixture which can add drama to your bathroom and enhance the mood, and it can be turned on and the other lights turned off if you want a more relaxing ambience.

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