What Type of Hot Water System is Right for You?

Many people take hot water for granted. In most homes, you can simply turn on the tap and enjoy it. However, if you’ve ever experienced the shower going cold before you’ve finished washing your hair – or worse yet, not having any hot water at all for a shower – then you’ll know how important it is to have a steady stream of hot water on supply. If you’re in the market for a gas or electric hot water system, then selecting one that ensures you aren’t going to run out of water should be a top priority. This article will detail what to look for in a hot water system and provide useful tips that will make selecting the right gas, solar, heat pump or electric hot water system a breeze.

The Different Types Available

Before deciding on what type of hot water system is going to be best for your needs, it’s wise to ensure that the type of system is suitable in the first place. There are a number of different types of water heating systems available, including electricity, gas, solar and heat pump options. Each of these systems has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to investigate them and come to a decision that takes into account your unique situation and requirements.

Gas systems are fairly inexpensive to run and are cheaper than electric hot water system, but they do cost more to purchase and install initially. There’s also the fact that not every home has access to gas mains. While LPG bottles can be used if gas mains aren’t available, they can cost a lot more over time.

Solar powered systems are great for the environment and very economical to run, but they do require a good amount of sunlight, so where you live will have to be taken into account if you decide to go with this option.

An electric hot water system is probably going to be the cheapest option when it comes to the initial purchase and installation, but they can cost more to run over time due the price of electricity (especially during peak times). The tanks that are part of the system can also take up a bit of space, especially if you have a large family and need a big tank.

Heat pump systems work by extracting heat from the air outside a tank and then drawing it in to heat the water in a similar manner to an air conditioner system. Heat pump systems are a very efficient option, but they can be expensive to purchase and install.

In Conclusion

Whether you decide to go with an electric hot water system, a gas system, a heat pump or a solar powered unit, it’s vital to take into account how much hot water you’ll require for your specific needs. If you’re having trouble deciding which system is the best type for you, speaking to your local hot water system provider is recommended.

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