What Tile Are You?

It is a strange concept referring yourself and your personality to a tile, but that is exactly what we are doing here.
Run through the different types of floor, wall and bathroom tiles and see which one you come out as! Fire away:

Tile Which tile are you?

• Are you a natural stone floor tile?
Natural stone floor tiles are well presented, classy yet not too over the top.
These tiles are for those that love all things natural and enjoy mixing natural shades of clothing on a daily basis. Some might say you are ‘vintage’.

• Are you a mosaic bathroom tile?
Mosaic bathroom tiles blend a number of colours and materials to create a unique effect in your bathroom. They are often used as a feature wall.

These tiles are the more creative in you, who like to get arty with materials and like to show off the finished article.
Are you a porcelain floor tile?
Porcelain floor tiles are very strong and durable, making light work of regular use and water splashes.
These tiles are for the people who can withstand any pressure, any conditions and when they get knocked down, they get straight back up again.

• Are you a ceramic floor tile?
Ceramic floor tiles are made from clay, water and other minerals, which is heated and then glazed and fired. Ceramic tiles are extremely waterproof too.
For people that have hundreds of layers beneath the surface, this tile is you. You may have more about you than meets the eye and it takes people a long time before they know the real you.

• Are you a glass wall tile?
Glass tiles are visually beautiful and can be combined with other materials to create a unique view. Glass tiles are a great addition to any wall in the home.

Glass wall tiles are for those that are transparent and honest and have a beautiful personality inside and out.
So, which tile were you? Perhaps you were a mix of both, a hybrid tile!
Share your results in the comments below.

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