Vital Guidelines Regarding Industrial Hoses

Importance of Quality Industrial Hoses

Buying a quality industrial hose will ensure that you escape the long-term complications associated with a wrong choice of a hose. Such hoses are also resistant to high temperatures that may reduce their lifespan. On average, higher pressures may burst the hose. However, a quality hose is resistant to adverse effects of pressures. Quality hoses are also resistant to chemical effects and can be obtained at

Hydraulic hose

This is a synthetic rubber, high pressure, Teflon or thermoplastic reinforced hose specifically designed for transporting fluid that transmits force in hydraulic machinery. The history of its use goes back to 1940s when engineers learnt that hydraulic systems could be lighter, compact and self-lubricating when used.


Hydraulic hoses are designed in three basic parts.  First, it has an inner tube that carries the fluid. Next, it has protection comprising of a sheath of braided wire or spiral wound wire. Lastly, it has a third outer layer that gives protection from weather, oil, abrasion or chemicals.


The lifespan of a hydraulic hose is vulnerable to twisting, stretching, flexing, kinking, crushing or scratching. In addition to sudden temperatures changes, severe rises or drops in internal pressures can also break it down.  Other factors such as wrong weight, type or size may also break it down. Quality hoses however exist for years on end.


Hydraulic hoses aid in turning forces from a few ounces of pressure to hundreds of tons of output. With the use of hydraulic hose, hydraulic machines can generate quite powerful low speed force and handling speed and movement of machinery with great accuracy. They also enable hydraulic machinery to operate safely in places with flammable vapors.

Uses of hoses

Choice of a hose depends on material to be used on. A garden hose helps in watering gardens and lawns. Others such as a tough hose help in watering crops through drip irrigation. On the other hand, a fire hose is essential for transporting water to a fire point when extinguishing fire. Some hoses are also used in air brake systems, such as railway air brake hoses. During construction, plastic or metal hoses can be used to transport water around a structure or building. In Automotives, they are used in moving fluids used in cooling, hydraulics or lubrication.

Common hose assemblies

Hose assemblies consist of high pressure rubber hoses with connectors at each end. The ends are often made of brass. Such assemblies make way for liquid or high pressure gas to travel through. Examples of common hose assemblies include jack hammer hose assemblies, tank truck hose assemblies and airline assemblies.

Building hose assemblies

When building a hose assembly, lubricate the fitting threads before attaching the hose to the unreachable end of its routing. Next, tighten it in such a way that allows the hose to turn. Subsequently, attach the last end of the hose in the same way as above. Make sure the hose properly is oriented along its routing and fit in the support clamps.

Where to buy good industrial hoses

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