The Basic Principles Full Depth Reclamation

What is full depth reclamation? It’s not difficult to understand once you know the basic principles behind it. Full depth reclamation is a modern process that allows you to reclaim functional material paved asphalt roads.

0The first element of full depth reclamation is the pulverization of the surface material. If the material is sealed, the seal will be broken first. Following that, all of the material will be mechanically chewed up and worked over until it becomes usable again as functional asphalt material. For this process to work, the material is mixed with a carefully-formulated base. This base accounts for the inefficiencies and discrepancies associated with reclaiming the road material.

Once the material is reclaimed and blended to account for lost content, the surface beneath it is graded and reshaped. Grading it and reshaping it sets it up for hydration and compression. Compacting the material immediately after the road is torn up is fairly simple compared to making them distinct steps. Machines that can handle the whole process all at once are generally more efficient for this purpose. Handling such situations immediately allows you complete control over the moisture level in the surface. It’s very easy to add additional moisture, but difficult to isolate it without cooperation from the environment, so this allows you to resurface on a much tighter schedule with ease.

Once that’s done, you can immediately seal the surface, or immediately repave it with the reclaimed material. The whole process allows you to effectively revitalize a road in a single job, using nothing but materials claimed from the job site. This is one of the things that sets full-depth reclamation apart from other reclamation and resurfacing techniques. While it has been variously possible to re-pave asphalt roads or recycle asphalt, it’s a recent convention that the two can be so neatly combined. It’s very efficient, and the use of both reclaimed materials and a few pieces of major equipment for the process keeps overhead very low and manageable.

Full-depth reclamation is a much more efficient solution than other reclamation solutions on the market. Whether your only aim is to reclaim the materials used in the original paving, or to immediately repave the road for future use full-depth reclamation is an affordable avenue to accomplish your goals. Getting in touch with full depth reclamation professionals is a good first step to take to get more technically-oriented information and specifics about what your particular job needs will require.

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