Reasons Why You Are Locked Out Of Your Car

It happens to the best of us at some point in our lives, where our car door just won’t open for unexplainable reasons. If you have the car keys, then solving this problem is a breeze. But what to do if you left the keys inside the car? In this article, we will discuss some common reason why we are suddenly locked out of our own cars and what can we do about it.

A Deadlock

This feature was introduced back in 1980s to enhance the security of the cars. In case of attempted theft or lock picking, the car will go into a deadlock situation where it won’t be open from inside as well as the outside. A deadlock can be easily resolved if you have your car keys however if you do not have your car keys with you, then it is better to call a locksmith at once.

It is useless to try to open a deadlock on your own as this process is automatic and different for each brand of cars. This will require extensive knowledge about the locks and vehicles. Advanced Lock and Key commercial locksmith offer a great service in terms of automobile lockouts. Some people break the windows of the car in order to get to the keys however, there are chances that deadlock won’t open only with keys. Sometimes a sequence of buttons must be pressed on the car remote to deactivate the deadlock.

A Broken lock

A broken lock is bad, but not as bad as a deadlock. Your car will only have one broken lock at a time. Use your car keys to open the lock that is not broken and replace or repair the broken lock. You can do it yourself if you have the proper tools and knowledge about car repairs. If you are not sure about your abilities, reach out to a professional. Most people ignore this issue for a long time as it is not inconvenient as long as they can get into the car. It is recommended that you solve this problem at once because leaving it will increase the chances of theft.

Door Damage

Probably the worst type of car lockout is a damaged door. One or more doors of your car can become damage due to an accident or damage to door frame. In this case, the lock itself will be fine but the car door would not open either from inside or from outside. The door is basically stuck in its frame. A locksmith will not be able to help you out in this case as the car has suffered from structural damage. A technician or mechanic that does bodywork on vehicles will solve this problem for you. This will be much more expensive than merely replacing the locks. The mechanic will have to replace your car door or in worst scenario the frame of the door which will cost you a fortune.

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