How to Properly Maintain the Electrical Wiring throughout Your Home

Maintaining the electrical system in your home is crucial to increasing the lifespan of one of the most important utilities in your domicile, but it is also important for the sake of safety, particularly in reducing the risk of fire. Every year, millions of homes are destroyed as a result of fire. Not only do fires come with the risk of loss of life, but fires can also wipe out precious memories and valuables. This is the reason why maintenance is so vital, but actually performing maintenance and repairs on your electrical system takes very careful attention to detail and safety. Here is how to properly maintain the electrical wiring throughout your home.

Electrical WiringFirst off, it is important to delineate between what you can and can’t do when it comes to maintaining the electrical wiring throughout your home. In some cases, you need special permits to do certain jobs. The reason why you need a permit is because the job is dangerous and takes the attention of a professional electrician. So, if you don’t have a permit yourself, you will want to call Sibley electrical services, or some other electrical service that can help maintain your electrical system.

Also, whenever you are about to repair or fix anything concerning the electrical wiring that runs throughout your home, you will need to turn off your power grid. You can usually find the emergency shutoff in your breaker box, which should be in your garage or in a utility closet in your home. Turning off the electricity is one of the most important first steps, because you want to make sure that there are absolutely no live currents coursing through the wires. Cutting, or tapping into a live current could cause extreme injury or death.

Next, you probably want to start with your breaker box. You can think of your breaker box like the nerve center of your home’s entire electrical system. If you live in an older home, your breaker box may have outdated or nearly burned out breakers. So, you want to replace breakers that need to be replaced. You can usually find breakers at your local home improvement store, but if you need older breakers, you may be searching a little harder. If you have the serial number, you may be able to search for old breakers online. However, if your breaker box is especially old, you may want to replace it – lest you create a fire risk.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you do a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical outlets. You want to keep your ear out for buzzing, the smell of smoke, or any other issues. If you are smelling smoke, there is a good chance that you need to remove the outlet cover and fix the wires. Again, if you aren’t sure how to fix a certain issue, you want hire a professional service, because you could end up doing more damage, either to your home, yourself, or both. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you remedy and prevent problems with your electrical system – not create them or make them worse.

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