How to perform a thorough cleaning to renew the energies of your home

Make the rooms impeccable and with renewed energy with these simple strategies! Below, we show you six steps to clean any room in your home, without much effort. Of course you need some money and if you’re lack of the money, you can borrow money online. Just click here and get the loan.

Eliminate a little disorder: Find another place for anything that does not need to be in the room, but be visible or, better yet, get rid of it (Leave the things behind the doors for another day, you do not have to be overwhelmed). Ending clutter makes cleanup a lot easier and, in addition, seeing clean surfaces will give you the enthusiasm you need to keep going.

Up to down: Clean large surfaces and out of reach in this order: roof, roof edge, lamps hanging from the ceiling (including bulbs), and walls, the rest of the edges and baseboards or skirting boards. The best implement for this is a clean microfiber mop or a duster or shaker with a telescope type handle (They are so thin that you can put them behind the sofa without moving it). Above the height of the eyes, all that is needed is to splash a little water on the mop. But below, where there is dirt as well as dust, use hot water with a few drops of soap to wash dishes (In the bathrooms, add a stream of white vinegar to avoid mold).

Yes, it includes the windows: It is not that difficult, and the results are fabulous. First clean the sills and gutters with the vacuum cleaner. Then pour a jet of cleaning product into the glass and clean it from top to bottom. Let a minute pass, so that the product has its magical effect and then use a rubber window cleaner. If you clean the inner part of the windows in one direction and the outer part in the other, it will be easier to know where you have to touch up.

Apply vacuum cleaner: All you need, in reality, is to apply the vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment. And instead of washing and ironing the curtains, put them in the dryer for a few minutes (while you pass a cloth to the rods and rings). Then hang them again.

Eliminate dust: Wipe other hard surfaces (wooden furniture, shelves, built-in shelves, etc.) using a wood cleaner based on beeswax, without petroleum distillates. If you’re in a hurry, put a clean cotton sock on your most used hand and move the objects with the other. Finally, to clean the lampshades, use a roller to pick up lint.

Clean the floor: It is necessary to move the furniture, even the biggest ones, like the beds and the sofas. In order to facilitate it now and in the future, use special discs so that larger furniture can slide easily. Then use the implement in the form of a vacuum hole to remove the dirt from the corners and along the baseboards. If you have wood or tile floor, clean it with a microfiber mop and the indicated product. If you have carpet, it’s time to rent a professional machine to wash it.

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