How to Keep Your Home Warm for the Winter

Keeping the home warm for the winter season will make the entire family feel comfortable. There are different ways to do this without spending a fortune. Here are some of them.


Insulate your home


Without proper insulation, heat can easily escape from your home, and cold air from outside can get in. Keep your house warm by insulating it. You can have a professional do it for you, or you can tackle it as a DIY project, as you can buy insulation materials that you can use. Insulating the radiators will also keep heat inside the house, and you can do this by installing foil behind them.


Close gaps in doors and windows


Doors and windows often have gaps, and they can also cause heat loss. You can use double draught stoppers under your doors or windows to close the gaps. For the smaller gaps around them, use seals instead. They are inexpensive, but they are proven effective for the purpose.


Set the thermostat


Setting your heating system’s thermostat will ensure that the temperature inside the house will be controlled and at the same time, you can save energy because it will stop when it reaches the desired temperature. Turn off the system when not in use, for example, if you will be out of the house for the entire day. Some systems can be controlled remotely through your mobile phone. If you have that, you can turn it on when you are on your way home so the place will be warm when you arrive. Other systems also have timers so you can take advantage of that feature to ensure that the system is only used when needed.


Close unused rooms


Close the doors of unused rooms so that heat will not travel inside them and will instead stay in the areas where the family members stay. It will minimize the area that the system needs to warm, thus making it quicker to reach the desired temperature and also easier to maintain it at that level.


Keep furniture away from the radiator


Furniture like sofas may absorb heat from the radiator. Place them away from the latter. With this, warm air will circulate in the room.


Insulate water pipes


Pipe insulation, or pipe lagging, is installed on water pipes to help retain heat for a longer time. With this, your boiler does not need to work as hard, thus also saving energy.


Use rugs


One way to warm the floor and the entire room is by using rugs. However, if you are having a home makeover, you may also want to consider having a water underfloor heating system and liquid screed floor installed for optimal heating. The upfront cost may be high, but the savings that you will enjoy in the long run and the warmth and comfort it brings will be worth it. offers these services.


Be sure to have your boiler serviced at least once a year too, to ensure that it is working efficiently, especially when winter comes. 

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