Helpful items to Keep In Your Car For Winter Emergencies

If you have ever gone shopping online for a new or used car, you have likely thought of what you could do to take care of your car, and how you could ensure that you were always ready, no matter what the situation. You likely haven’t thought about what you might need to keep in your car in case of a winter emergency, through. It is one of those things that most people do not like to think about. After all, who wants to be stuck in the cold snow? It never hurts to be prepared! Here are a few things all car owners should consider keeping in their car in case of a winter disaster.

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When your car is stuck in a snow pile or the battery has died, you might have called for help, but it may still take them time to arrive. Having blankets will help you stay warm, and keep you from dealing with being frozen, or having issues related to frostbite, or other cold weather problems. Have at least two or three blankets on hand, so you will be ready for whenever a problem occurs.


Once you are standard somewhere, seeing can become very difficult. You might be trying to conserve your cars battery until help arrives, or not have many other options in terms of trying to see at night. Keeping in mind that night comes early with winter, it never hurts to have a spare light or two allowing you to see. If you are trying to flag down help, this can be useful as well, although it is better to have two lights-one in the trunk and one up front. That way you will be ready in case an emergency occurs.


When keeping emergency rations in the car, there is no need to get all fancy-just about any type of food will do, as long as it will not spoil, and is fairly shelf stable. Items like granola bars, or even candy bars are good, as is beef jerky. These items will fill you up quickly, and are always useful to have, since you will never know how long it will take for someone to get to you. If you have small children in the car with you, this will be useful in filling up hungry stomachs fast.

Even if you don’t travel far during the winter time, it still pays to keep your car safe and well-stocked as much as you can. Although this list is not comprehensive, these are basic items that everyone should have in the winter. Staying warm, having enough light to see by, and having something to eat are all important when it comes to staying safe, and preventing accidents from occurring during the winter. Although cell phones have made getting help in emergencies easier than ever before, anyone who is prepared for winter disasters will be able to feel safe no matter where they are.

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