Does Scaffolding Have Disadvantages?

During the construction phase of projects, construction companies usually use a temporary structure, normally with iron rods and metal poles.

This temporary structure is commonly referred to as scaffolding.

In general, a construction contractor usually partners and hires a scaffolding company to help them take care of the plan, design, and even set everything up.

While there are numerous benefits of scaffolding, there are also disadvantages associated with it, such as the following:




Going back, construction sites and workers literally make use of ladders all throughout the project – and this method comes at no additional expense.

However, with today’s technological advancements, and with the numerous benefits of using scaffolding, construction companies usually opt for this as their temporary structure.

This makes their work easier, however, this usually comes with an added expense.


Time Consuming


Not only does this process require an added cost, but this requires extensive planning at the same time.

This means, that additional time is required to plan where the scaffolding will be built, and the actual process of setting it up.


Not Suitable For All Kinds Of Projects


For the majority of buildings located in Shoalhaven and NSW South Coast, scaffolding are okay, but it has been found out that this isn’t suitable for higher buildings or construction projects.

As the building goes higher, the safety risks involved rises as well.

Bear in mind, that regardless of the type of construction project, as soon as it goes higher, workers’ lives are already at risk.

As a result, there had been numerous life-threatening injuries that have been reported because of this.

This is considered to be one of the biggest disadvantages of scaffolding on the construction site – but this can be easily addressed with the help of a lift.

This lift will aid in operating these types of projects, ensuring that the scaffolding is built properly and is more stable, especially as the construction project gets higher.


Scaffolding Couplers Usually Go Missing


In general, scaffolding is usually held together by a couple of screws, usually referred to as couplers.

Sometimes, because of the nature of their work or because the workers may not notice these, the couplers can go missing, posing safety risks.

Remember that these screws are responsible for keeping the scaffolding secured in place, and with a couple of these missing, the carrying capacity and even its stability might be at risk.


Are There Ways To Bypass These Disadvantages?


While there are numerous disadvantages discussed, there are a lot of ways to ensure that none of these disadvantages won’t occur during the project. The secret?

Get in touch with a scaffolding company that you can rely and depend on.

A simple search will give you a lot of companies within the Sydney, NSW South Coast, Shoalhaven, Wollongong, Ulladulla, and Nowra areas.


What Makes A Scaffolding Company Great?


There are different factors to take into consideration, but one of the major things that one has to take a look at is the scope of their scaffolding services.

The company shouldn’t just offer a single scaffolding service, but they should have a wide range of other services that allow them to take care of all the other aspects of the entire scaffolding operation.

This includes hiring a company that takes care of the scaffolding equipment being delivered and set up on the site, even before the construction project begins.

The company should also be responsible for dismantling.

Another thing to take into consideration includes finding a lift or asking for recommendations from the scaffolding company to assist with higher building projects.


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