Common Problems During Outdoor Events and How to Handle Them

Weddings, birthday parties, holiday parties, graduations, and so many other things happen regularly that involve a celebration. When the weather is gorgeous, people want to celebrate outdoors. Whether it’s a child’s birthday party with a bounce house and pony rides or a romantic wedding reception under the stars, there are so many reasons to host a party outdoors. These special occasions typically honor someone you love, and they always involve making memories. Unfortunately, they also come with a lot of downfalls.

Hosting special events outdoors means taking advantage of the natural beauty surrounding you, but it also means preparing for the worst. It means preparing for inclement weather with a back-up location, and it means potentially dealing with bugs while people should be enjoying themselves. Here are some of the most common problems with outdoor events and how to prevent them from the start.

Bugs, Pests, and Mosquitoes

Before you host any special events outdoors, it’s time to figure out what might cause you issues. Is it summer? If so, you might find mosquitoes present a big problem for your guests. Now is the time to call for special event mosquito treatment to help keep them at bay while your guests enjoy the party making happy memories rather than itching bites popping up all over their arms and legs. Bugs aren’t going to bug out your party when the professionals make an appearance.

Inclement Weather

The only thing you do to control the weather is prepare for anything. Even going so far as to plan your wedding in the dry season requires having a back-up plan for your ceremony and/or reception. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you, and knowing you have something to do instead is a good idea. It might not be ideal, but it’s best to hire a back-up tent or have an indoor location nearby to help you plan your big day if the weather has another plan for you.

The Temperature

Weather is always a problem for outdoor events. If it’s too hot or too cold when it shouldn’t be, problems might arise. It’s best to have something to help if the weather gets a little crazy and you have a heat wave during your December wedding or a cold front during your April ceremony. Fans, space heaters, and even a tent can help keep guests more comfortable when it’s too hot or cold, and you should always plan on having them on hand in case you need them during any outdoor event.

Planning special occasions outdoors is fun, but it’s risky. Let professionals help you with the planning. If you’ve never hosted an outdoor event before, you’re going to find it’s more helpful to have someone who’s done this before and knows what to expect on your team. Someone always thinking a step or two ahead is an asset when it comes to event planning. It’s why event planners never run out of jobs to do.

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