Colourful and Creative: The Perfect Kids Bedroom

When embarking on a DIY project to design and create the perfect children’s bedroom you need to make sure your youngsters feel as involved in the process as possible. It’s essential to have your own space, an area of the house that you feel completely comfortable in. Getting children involved in deciding on themes, colours and accessories is important. And you never know, the more invested in their room that they feel, the more likely they are to keep it tidy!


Plan together

Encourage children to look through magazines to pick out things they really like. You could create a moodboard by gluing pictures that inspire them to a piece of card. Once work starts, children will see how their ideas have contributed to the final design.


Get the furniture sorted first

If you are in the market for new furniture as part of your DIY project then have a browse online at sites like ebay. If you want to make sure redecorating is a once in a while activity rather than a regular occurrence, it might be prudent to avoid themed furniture, for example a racing car bed. Your youngster may well outgrow it before you’re ready to invest in something new. Opt for neutral furniture that you can accessorise in line with the rest of the room. They key is to get the best that your budget will allow and select pieces that will grow alongside your children.


It’s all in the accessories

A great way to achieve a colourful and creative space is through a mixture of lighting, cushions, throws and rugs. These are things that can be easily and inexpensively replaced (or dyed, or re-covered) when tastes change.


Be clever

Did you know that you can get paint that is magnetic? This easy to use primer paint can be brushed onto any surface (a whole wall, a wardrobe door, the side of a cabinet) and you have an instant magnetic board to display pictures and art work.


You can create colourful new spaces for reading or playing using draped material. For example, by creating a floor length canopy (think mosquito net) hanging from the ceiling, with a beanbag, cushions and some fairy lights inside you can create a specific den area perfect for a nap or flicking through a comic.


Make it accessible

Make sure key items of furniture are built with youngsters in mind. It sounds obvious but hangers and shelves at child height will allow them to get dressed independently. It also means there is no excuse for not hanging clothes back up.


Provide plenty of storage

Boxes on wheels are ideal for chucking toys into to keep them out of the way. You can also wheel them into the wardrobe when you need extra room or want the place to look extra tidy. A good bookshelf is a must and cubby holes with baskets and boxes are useful to store trinkets and keepsakes safely.


Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer, wrote this article. Ella specialises in providing useful and engaging advice to small businesses. Follow her on Twitter @ellatmason


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