Benefits Of Using Smart Lighting In Your Home

Smart features and gadgets have gone from being a novelty voice command that doesn’t register 99% of the world’s accents to an essential part of everyday life in the 21st century. The advent of smart lighting has brought with it several genuinely valuable benefits that go beyond the convenience of switching off your lights from your couch.


Smart Lighting Provides Added Security

Why use smart lighting? Safety and peace of mind is high on the list of answers. The safety aspect of smart lighting is a lifesaver for those who worry about leaving the house unattended for vacations or getaways. You will need a smart lighting system that has an away from home mode so you can access your lights when not in WiFi or Bluetooth range. Having this extra feature means that you can deter potential burglars by switching on your living rooms lights in the evening, for example, to give the impression that someone is home. You can be a bit more unpredictable than setting them on timers too, if you switch them on at different times each day it will seem more authentic.


Efficiency Gains

Smart bulbs use LED which is a light source that draws a lot less power than a more traditional bulb. You can still enjoy the warm yellowish light for living spaces that is provided by an incandescent bulb with an LED, or you can get them in a brighter white light, good for kitchens and bathrooms. Smart light bulbs with dimmer functions will also save you money as you can lower the voltage when less light is needed. They have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs too, especially if you use the dimmer function regularly and you’re away from home mode to make sure all lights are off when noone is home.


Comfort & Functionalty Gains From Smart Lighting

The convenience of smart lighting shouldn’t be forgotten about. You can set your lights to come on when you get home from work, dim them in the evenings for a more relaxed vibe, and turn off at a set time if you forget. A major upside of smart lighting is the ability to purchase color-changing bulbs to turn your home into a multi-faceted living space. Any kind of ambience is possible. For example: the bedroom can be made to look relaxing or romantic with the same light fixtures by altering the color and tone. You can be creative with color to impress your friends and family too; have a deep blue or purple backdrop to a party, a creepy red or orange vibe to Halloween, or a bright and merry cool turquoise for Christmas.



Smart lights serve a multitude of functions, but at their core they make our lives easier, safer and more fun! While you’re saving on your energy bills and banishing burglars you should enjoy everything they have to offer. Sync them up to your smart home hub and set them to flash in time with your party playlist. Just try to resist messing with your significant other while at work…

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