7 Uniquely West Coast Design Trends

Whether you’re moving to the West Coast or simply want to create the aura of the West Coast in your home, there are a few things many homes along the coast have in common. Check out these design trends that you can incorporate into your own home.

1. Beach Decor


Image via Flickr by Wickerfurniture

With beach culture surrounding the West Coast, anything representing this part of nature easily makes its way into the home. You might find artwork made from shells, marine creature themed pillows or photos, or driftwood-like furniture. Many people are even using surfboards to fill empty spaces on the wall or to create a unique countertop. Whatever you can find on the beach you’ll see in a West Coast home. For ideas on artwork inspired by the beach, check out this Pinterest page.

2. Natural Colors

When you head to the West Coast, interior design trends tend to mimic the colors of nature, particularly the ocean and other coastal colors. In the South, you might see soft blues and greens compared to the neutral beige decor found in northern California at places like Mountain View CA apartments. Other parts of the cost might accent darker greens to match the stunning color of nearby golf courses.

3. Enclosed Porch

One coastal trend that you’ll love is the indoor/outdoor living area. With a wall of windows that open you up to the scenery yet keep you away from the elements, an enclosed porch is the perfect place to dine, visit, or simply relax. Plus, it’s a multi-seasonal place where you can spend all year enjoying your indoor/outdoor space. But installing an enclosed porch isn’t that easy when it comes to design. Ask yourself these few questions before installing your indoor/outdoor space:

  • Would you prefer windows, doors, or screens around the perimeter?
  • Do you want a normal rooftop or would you prefer a glass roof?
  • What material and colors would work best with your desired decor theme?

4. White Walls


Image via Flickr by abeachcottage.com

West Coast homes tend to start out with white walls and hard wood floors, and then the designers build around it. Add your color through wall art, plants, furniture, and linen. The white walls help brighten up the room while taking advantage of sunny days, and it gives you the freedom to create your own color accents and personal touch to your home. As a bonus to the white walls, you might consider installing a sunroof in your home to accent the sun and brighten the space even more.

5. Textured Furniture

Since many West Coast homes aim for a natural theme, most textured furniture fits in nice with the rest of the decor. Whether it’s wicker chairs or bamboo furniture, any piece that maintains its natural color and original texture will deliver unique ambiance. Consider these furniture options in your home design:

  • Outdoor Wicker Seating
  • Natural Bamboo Bedroom Set
  • Driftwood Coffee Table

6. Octopus Decor

Octopus Decor

Image via Flickr by Wickerfurniture

Perhaps it’s the nearby ocean that has so many West Coast residents inspired by the octopus, but whatever the reason, people are incorporating the beauty of this creature into their homes. From paintings and shower curtains to coffee tables and more, this animal helps keep homeowners close to the sea while intrigued by the animal’s intricate design. For inspiration and ideas that you can use in your home, check out these octopus decor ideas on Pinterest.

7. Timeless Getaway

Today, more West Coast residents are turning to homes that blend into the landscape. A natural-looking exterior that gives the feel of a cottage in the woods is beginning to dominate. Stone and wood are both appropriate options for an exterior material, but to really match up with these trends, you’ll need to add a bit of modern style to it with straight lines and square corners and plenty of windows to enjoy the scenery.

It doesn’t matter where you live, whether you’re on the West Coast, the Mid West, or the East Coast, incorporating these design trends into your home can make you feel like you’re living in California each time you enter your home.

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