7 Types Of Concrete Saws

After it’s poured, concrete continues to harden for years later, forming a solid and difficult to dismantle mass that is guaranteed to last for ages.


To grind away or cut through cured concrete structures, before making some finishing touches on newly built structures or during the remodelling of older structures, a variety of concrete saws may be used.


Read on below to find out more about the different types of concrete saws available to ensure that you make the right pick for your next project.


Using the right concrete saw for the work at hand will not only help you save time and money but will also make it easier for you to achieve the intended outcome.


Types of Concrete Saws:


  • Chain Saws
  • Circular Saws
  • Wire Saws
  • Core Drilling Equipment
  • Walk-Behind Saws
  • Hand-Held Saws
  • Grinding And Grooving Saws


Below is a brief description of each of the above mentioned concrete saws.


  1. Chain Saws


If the job at hand involves making straight cuts through concrete or the removal of entire sections of concrete with the highest level of accuracy, for the installation of new doors, windows or even HVAC equipment, concrete cutting chain saws are your best option.


These saws, which are usually powered by an internal combustion engine, are powerful enough to make accurate cuts through thick blocks of concrete, penetrating to a depth of up to two feet or more.


As a cost-effective concrete cutting method, chainsawing ensures that no overcuts are made; saving you the time and money you might have used in repairing such errors after the cutting work is finished.


  1. Circular Saws 


As the name suggests, circular concrete cutting saws are designed with a circular cutting blade.


These are by far the most popular type of concrete cutting saws given the varied design options on offer.


However, it is worth noting that even though circular saws are popularly used in concrete cutting, their use results in overcuts that may have to be addressed after the concrete cutting work is complete.


  1. Wire Saws


Where the project in question involves cutting through thick blocks of concrete, wire sawing is considered to be the best concrete cutting method to use.


Wire saws are designed to be versatile enough to make it possible for operators to make penetrating cuts to depths that regular spindle mounted saws are unable to.


  1. Core Drilling Equipment 


When it comes to cutting through concrete to obtain samples of the inner structure or make room for cables or utilities, core drilling concrete cutters are used.


This concrete cutting equipment can be used to make tubular holes as large as sixty inches, or as small as ½ inch in diameter.


Core drilling equipment can cut deep holes through concrete blocks in any direction.


  1. Walk-Behind Saws 


If your concrete cutting job covers an expansive area, like a long stretch of road, walk-behind concrete cutting saws are your best option.


Normally designed with a huge circular blade, and mounted on a dolly, these saws can cut through long stretches of concrete effortlessly, penetrating to a depth of about 32 inches.


  1. Hand-Held Saws 


For smaller concrete cutting projects, handled saws may be a better fit. These portable saws are mostly designed for use indoors.


They may be battery-powered or corded; while the former may be used in places where electric outlets are not available, the latter eliminates the need for recharging or carrying spare batteries.


  1. Grinding And Grooving Saws 


Sometimes, the job at hand involves grinding away at concrete surfaces, without cutting them away entirely.


For such jobs, grooving and grinding saws are the perfect fit.




Each concrete cutting project is unique, and while you might need to cut through large blocks of concrete during some jobs, some may only require grinding.


To get the job done right, the first time around, please follow the above information to choose the most suitable concrete cutting saw for your particular project.


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