6 Clever Tips to Help Sell your Home in a Flash

Selling your home in competitive real estate markets like that of Australia, the USA, Austria, Canada, or the Netherlands, can be made easier by having a property that makes a lasting impression; one as close to turnkey standards as possible. This means it is crucial to ensure your home is not only aesthetically attractive but also fully functional, without the need for any repairs. Here are some simple ways to increase the resale value of your property and make it stand out for all the right reasons.

Repairs to the Exterior

Look for signs of damage on the exterior of your home. Small home improvement tasks like repairing weatherboard wall panels, rendering walls or filling gaps with concrete (if you have a brick home) can take you a long way without having to throw in a ton of money. Plus, it saves you from the cost of having to do major restorations in the future.

Besides walls, the foundations and roof also need to be properly maintained. Any structural flaws should be addressed as soon as possible so potential buyers can feel that much-needed sense of long-lasting safety required so they can put themselves in the house. In this case, it is best to get an inspector to check out your property.

Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint will make your home look beautiful, neat, modern, fresh, and well taken care of. Now, when it comes to choosing the colours that will enhance the exterior looks of your home, bold shades like blue may be one of the hottest hues for bathrooms and interior design, but it is best to steer clear from them for a paint job on the exterior walls. You may also consider using one of the many painting apps available that can show you how your home will look with the shade you have in mind.

When it comes to the interior of your home, feature walls and textured brush techniques indeed increase its wow factor. If you are not sure of the right colour palette, consult with an interior designer.


Energy-efficient doors and windows can skyrocket the resale value of your home. More and more people nowadays are in search of properties with an environmentally-conscious design. Upgrading your windows and doors will also contribute to having reduced household running costs, which is another significant factor that can make your property even more attractive to potential buyers. Also, consider upgrading old-fashioned hanging lights with energy-efficient lighting to help further boost your home’s appeal.

Backup power

Power outages may be recurrent depending on which area you live in (i.e. regions whipped with thunderstorms or hurricanes). Regardless of their frequency, taking precautionary measures to ensure that the home has enough power from a backup power source shows attention to detail. The easiest and probably the most affordable way to achieve that is by having a diesel generator, safely tucked away in a garage or an out-building. There are many portable diesel generators for sale out there. Just determine your power needs and get one that covers them sufficiently.


A simple, yet impressive, garden that speaks volumes to home buyers is not so difficult to have. Start by tidying it up (this includes removing things like bikes, broken swings, and tired garden furniture from all around). Then have lawns clean and freshly-trimmed, dead flowers and plants removed, any bushes or hedges nicely clipped, and any broken tiles of a patio, driveway or decking replaced. Adding colour by planting low-maintenance flowers like geraniums is also an excellent idea to attract home buyers.

Interior Repairs

A chic, stylish, clean floor is definitely more eye-catching than an old, torn, musty carpeting. So, replace worn out carpets with high-quality ones (or even good-quality fluffy rugs) and fix any damage or flaws on your hardwood floors. Moving further inside the home, there is no need to go crazy with renovations to areas like the bathroom. As long as it is fully functional and looks fresh and neat (do keep an eye on chips in the sink or tile grout that needs to be replaced), spending money on new cabinetry, tubs or showers is not necessary. However, you could replace old light fixtures with energy-efficient models or paint the walls if you so wish. They are both welcomed tasks to improve the value of your home.

Final Tips:

  • Clean all areas, including hidden corners (i.e. behind the refrigerator or under the sofa).

  • Organise all clutter and stash your storage boxes out of the home for a short while. Buyers will be looking at (and opening) everything all around the property. Having a neat home suggests a property in good order.

  • Focus on one task at a time – start with the ones that don’t demand much of your energy or money.

Selling your home can be facilitated by performing tasks (some a bit more labour-intensive or costly than others) that can help provide your property with added value and aesthetic appeal. Choose the one that is easier for you to deliver and gradually move your way towards the end of the list! Happy selling!

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