5 Tips To Save Money On Home Entertainment In 2014

Though home entertainment is relatively cheap compared to night-outs at the cinema and other forms of entertainment, the expenses can easily add up and limit your family’s ability to stay within the monthly budget.

The American Time Use Survey released on June 2013 revealed that U.S. residents 15 years and older were involved in some sort of leisure activity, and the report also states that TV was on the top of the list for activities that occupied total leisure time, accounting for 50%.

Opting out is certainly not an option as the report indicates, but the following tips can help in saving money while still being able to enjoy quality entertainment at home:

1.  Buy DVDs and Blue-rays instead of online rentals

If you’ve developed a habit of joining online rental programs for Blue-ray movies and DVDs, it’s time to change the strategy because being late with the payment can result in fines that can sometimes end up being more expensive than the price tag of the movie rentals.

A viable alternative is to get a monthly quote for the movies and have them delivered each month. Another option is to search for coupons and vouchers online for exclusive movie rental deals.

2.  Opt for home entertainment bundles

Bundle discounts exist in almost every industry, and home entertainment thankfully isn’t an exception. If you live in an area that is covered by Verizon and AT&T, you can look for FiOS and U-Verse promotions and coupons that include a few months free subscription to premium channel service such as Cinemax and HBO.

Are you interested in where to find U-verse coupons? Other similar promotions? You can look in local newspapers, magazines, but perhaps online stores that specialize in coupon hunting are the best option as you can look for new deals quickly. Furthermore, you can subscribe to alerts and email updates to receive notifications as soon as there is a good deal being offered.

3.  Use YouTube for some TV premium shows

Some premium TV shows can be accessed directly on YouTube through www.youtube.com/shows. Motor Trend, The Warner Sound and SourceFed all have their premium content channels on the video platform.

Other than watching and streaming premium content from YouTube, you can download regular television shows from YouTube and access watch them offline at a later time – one of YouTube downloaders can be used for this purpose. Also, Youtube.com/movies can be used to get access to some of the classics, and though it features annoying advertisements during the playback, their intensity is far less compared to regular television advertisements.

4.  Save energy on home entertainment devices

An indirect way of saving money on home entertainment is to opt for energy-saving additions. For example, LED TVs consume far less energy compared to normal versions, and the energy use can be cut down almost by 35%-40%.

Additionally, you can search for a blanking feature for the radio station if you use it for listening to radio content; dimming the screen when listening to radio can also save energy costs.

5.  Pay bills on time

As mentioned in the first point, late bill payments can result in fines that add up and occupy a major portion of monthly home entertainment expenses.

The simple requirement in this case is to pay bills as soon as you receive an invoice from a service provider.


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