5 Tips to improve the security of your home

Home security is important; however, at times it may seem an impossible task. There are several tips, however, that can help such as #1 locking every door and window when leaving, after entering and before bedtime, closing and locking the garage door, not opening the door to uninvited visitors and using your alarm system all the time; even when you’re just visiting next door neighbors.

#2 Another way to improve the security of your home is to ask your local police department for a complimentary home inspection. This is when an officer walks through your home, checks your security measures or lack of and recommends cost effective changes to tighten your security. Most importantly, don’t place your house key under the mat or under a rock. Give your key to a someone you can trust. Find out about a 24 hour locksmith in Perth, today!

#3 In addition, add security company signs near your entryways. Most burglars will think twice if they see you have security around your home. Outdoor lighting is another way to improve the security of your home. Install outdoor lighting with infrared motion sensors and place them near each point of entry. Also, put your porch lights on timers. Installing timers inside your home is another great security feature. Give your home that “someone is home” look. There is even a gadget known as Fake TV. Fake TV simulates the flickering lights of a TV and from the outside, it looks like the TV is on and someone is watching it. In addition, find out how a 24 hour locksmith in Perth can assist you with your home security needs!

#4 & #5 Keep in mind; burglars always look for hiding spots. If your trees or shrubbery is too busy or not well spaced, you are giving a burglar a nice and comfortable spot to hide. So, take time to trim and prune plantings. Most importantly, check your windows. If they are not working, fix or replace them. In addition, take a close look at your doors. If your doors are hollow, replace them with solid-core doors made of wood or metal or metal-clad doors. One area that many homeowners overlook is their locks. Make sure that you have a grade 1 or grade 2 dead-bolt lock. If you are unsure how to install a new lock, talk with a locksmith specialist.

When it comes to removal companies, there are several types to choose from; full service, partial full-service and do-it-yourself service. With a full service removal company they will control every aspect of your move from the beginning to the end; such as packing, loading, driving and unloading. Partial full-service will give you partial control; you will be responsible for packing and may help load and unload your belongings. With the do-it-yourself option you will be required to handle every aspect of your move.

To conclude, home security is important; however, at times it may seem an impossible task. Follow the above tips and enjoy a secure and safe home!

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