What Tile Are You?

It is a strange concept referring yourself and your personality to a tile, but that is exactly what we are doing here.
Run through the different types of floor, wall and bathroom tiles and see which one you come out as! Fire away:

Tile Which tile are you?

• Are you a natural stone floor tile?
Natural stone floor tiles are well presented, classy yet not too over the top.
These tiles are for those that love all things natural and enjoy mixing natural shades of clothing on a daily basis. Some might say you are ‘vintage’.

• Are you a mosaic bathroom tile?
Mosaic bathroom tiles blend a number of colours and materials to create a unique effect in your bathroom. They are often used as a feature wall.

These tiles are the more creative in you, who like to get arty with materials and like to show off the finished article.
Are you a porcelain floor tile?
Porcelain floor tiles are very strong and durable, making light work of regular use and water splashes.
These tiles are for the people who can withstand any pressure, any conditions and when they get knocked down, they get straight back up again.

• Are you a ceramic floor tile?
Ceramic floor tiles are made from clay, water and other minerals, which is heated and then glazed and fired. Ceramic tiles are extremely waterproof too.
For people that have hundreds of layers beneath the surface, this tile is you. You may have more about you than meets the eye and it takes people a long time before they know the real you.

• Are you a glass wall tile?
Glass tiles are visually beautiful and can be combined with other materials to create a unique view. Glass tiles are a great addition to any wall in the home.

Glass wall tiles are for those that are transparent and honest and have a beautiful personality inside and out.
So, which tile were you? Perhaps you were a mix of both, a hybrid tile!
Share your results in the comments below.

How the Air Ducts in Your Home Can Contribute to Allergy Problems

There are a lot of us who are aware of the fact that there is a lot of outdoor pollution in our environments. But did you know that when it comes to indoor air pollution, reportedly it is 2-5 times worse than what we breathe outside? That’s why we have to make sure that we do all that we can to keep the air that we breathe inside of our homes as clean as possible. And one way to do that is to clean out our air ducts.

Allergy ProblemsThis is especially the case if you happen to be someone who battles with allergies because when there are tiny particles of dirt, debris, dust, dander or even mold that are stuck in your art ducts, it significantly increases the possibility of you inhaling them, which can trigger allergy symptoms like water eyes, sneezing and congestion.

So, in hopes that you can avoid having allergic reaction as a direct result of your art ducts, we’ve provided you with five ways that you can keep yours clean below:

Change your filters. Something that all HVAC units have inside of them are filters. They are what help to keep all of the dirt and dust that collects inside of the unit from blowing out into the atmosphere. But in order to make sure that they work effectively, it’s important that you change them regularly. With most units, that means between every 60-90 days.

Monitor the moisture. Another thing that can contribute to allergy problems is mold and usually it’s caused by water leaks or moisture. So, if there is standing water under your unit, wipe it up as soon as possible and if you happen to live in a naturally humid climate, purchase some dehumidifiers for various rooms of your house.

Vacuum your ducts. Over time, dust is sure to collect inside of your ducts. The good news is that when they do, you don’t have to go through the trouble of purchasing new ones. All you need to do is remove the covers of your air ducts and then put the nozzle on your vacuum into the area where your ducts are. It will suck the dust right on out.

Make sure the ducts are properly sealed. Another cause of allergens in air ducts is if they have holes in them. So when you’re in the process of cleaning out your air ducts, inspect them carefully to insure that there are no cracks or tiny holes. If you happen to see some, in most cases, you can easily remedy the matter. Simply apply some metal tape on top of the holes. For more information on how to properly seal your air ducts, go to Energy.gov and put “duct sealing” in the search field.

Schedule an appointment with a professional air duct cleaner once a year. As you can see, you can handle a lot of the maintenance of your air ducts on your own; however, since professional air duct cleaners are skilled in how to thoroughly clean them out, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for them to come to your home once a year. It’s just one more thing that will keep your HVAC unit working well and also help to keep any potential allergy problems at bay.

5 Household Tips to Help You Survive Allergy Season

If you happen to be someone who suffers from allergies, then the last place you want to go that will stir up your symptoms is your own house. Yet, did you know that indoor air pollution is actually 2-5 times higher than outdoor pollution? This means that the dust, debris and dander that are inside of the rooms of your home has a greater chance of aggravating your allergies far more than the pollen outside would.

Household TipsThis is why it’s important to do all that you can to keep your home allergen-free, and in the course of just a few minutes, we are going to provide you with five household tips to help you to survive allergy season below:

Dust and vacuum twice a week. Although there are a lot of us who make a point to dust simply because we don’t like seeing a layer of film on our televisions, bookshelves and appliances, the reality is that if you don’t clean up the dust your home, it could definitely trigger your allergy symptoms. That’s because dust is known to carry tiny particles of dirt, mold and even pest droppings. So, make sure to dust at least twice a week and when you’re getting dust off of your surfaces, to use a damp rag (so that the dust doesn’t fly around). Also, since dust also collects on carpet fibers, it’s important to vacuum at least twice a week too.

Use homemade cleaning products. There are some people who keep their homes immaculate but they still find themselves having watery eyes and doing a lot of sneezing. The reason is due to the kind of cleaning products that they use; commercial ones tend to have lots of chemicals and toxins in them. That’s why we recommend that you make your own out of baking soda, olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. For a list of household cleaning recipes, go to your favorite search engine and put “homemade cleaning recipes” in the search field.

Take a shower after you clean. While you’re in the process of cleaning, you’re going to end up getting some of the dirt and dust on your body (even if you use gloves). So, after you finish cleaning up, make sure to take a warm shower. That’s the best way to get all of the residue off of you.

Get your HVAC unit professionally serviced. Most of us cannot imagine what our lives would be like without our HVAC unit. That’s because it helps to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature all year long. However, when our filters or air ducts are clogged, that can result in us breathing all kinds of indoor pollution. Although you can easily change your filters on your own (preferably every 60-90 days), it’s still important that you have a professional technician come and inspect your unit on an annual basis too. If you’re wondering why you should only trust an HVAC company that’s licensed it’s because a licensed company has proof that they are skilled to test and if need be, repair your unit.

Add plants to your home. Did you know that there are plants that are scientifically proven to clean toxins out of the air? Some of our personal favorites are Spider plants, Peace lilies and Gerber Daises. All of these can beautify the rooms in your house while helping you to survive allergy season too.

Top 5 Frozen Pipe Prevention Tips for Homeowners

As the temperatures drop during the winter season, it is important that homeowners prepare for these extreme temperatures and protect their homes. Often one of the biggest and most problematic concerns during the winter is the risk of pipes freezing. If a pipe freezes it could potentially burst, leading to serious damage and expensive repair bills. Here are the top 5 frozen pipe prevention tips for homeowners.

  1. Frozen Pipe Let the water run on low. Since this does waste water, try to only run faucets that are at risk of freezing during the cold weather. Faucets at risk are those running through unheated, uninsulated spaces. Letting the faucet drip can help to prevent faucets from bursting due to the cold temperatures. It is not the flow of the faucet that stops the freezing, since water can freeze even when moving slowly, turning on the water opens the faucet up so that pressure is reduced significantly. When there is an ice blockage due to freezing in your water pipes, usually an extreme pressure will begin developing, leading up to a burst pipe. If you remove the source of pressure, even if your pipes freeze, they will not burst.
  2. Make sure that your pipes are properly insulated before cold weather hits. Check the pipes to see if the area around them is sealed properly. Gaps, holes and cracks in the wall attached to the pipe could results in the pipe being exposed to extremely cold air making frozen pipes more likely to develop. Any spaces near water pipes will need to be sealed effectively using a caulk. You can buy caulk from any local hardware store or home and garden center.
  3. Keep cabinet doors that access your pipes open. Opening these cabinet doors will allow warm, heated air from your home to circulate around the pipes, helping to protect them from extreme cold temperatures. This is a simple tip to keep pipes from freezing that requires no installation, set up, money or time!
  4. Another way to keep these pipes warm is to apply electric heating tapes and cables to the pipes. Be sure to use these products with caution to prevent fires and keep your home safe. These tapes and cables have integrated thermostats that will trigger the heat to automatically turn on or off whenever needed, helping to ensure your pipes never get too cold. If the tape doesn’t have a thermostat, it will need to be manually plugged in, which is an easy thing to forget, reducing its ability to be effective.
  5. Finally, insulate the pipes. You can buy an insulation sleeve to wrap around the pipe, helping to keep warm pipes away from cold temperatures. You can pick up an insulation sleeve from any hardware store in materials such as fiberglass or foam rubber. AIM to buy the extra thick kind. They will cost a bit more, but the results will be worth the additional cost.

When protecting your home from extreme cold temperatures, you may consider programmable digital thermostat benefits to warm your house and other ways you can stay warm. In addition to keeping your home comfortable, you will also need to keep your pipes in good condition. By following these tips you can properly insulate and protect your water pipes to prevent freezing and serious repair costs.

A Step By Step Guide to Decorating Your Living Room

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The end of winter is only a few months away. We have endured the early nights and waited patiently for the sun to rise three hours late. Now is the time you may like to make plans for your spring and summer projects that will reinvigorate your home. A change is as good as a rest after all.

We probably spend most of our time in the living room, and this will be our project of choice today. Here is a simple step by step guide to achieving great results and a room to be proud of.




Cover, or remove as much of your furniture from the room as is practically possible. Have a cup of tea. Next comes the removal of any wallpaper. Steamers are so cheap to buy these days that hiring them doesn’t make sense anymore. An essential tool for the decorator, they can save you hours, or even days, of back breaking labour.

Using a steamer is simple. Fill with water to the marked level and switch it on. Have a cup of tea. When the water is boiling, apply the steam plate to the wall. Only for five seconds to begin. Then try to remove the paper. try ten seconds with the next piece. You will soon find the required time for your paper. It is important not to overdo it though as it will cause serious damage to your plaster.

Fill and sand any cracks in the wall. Rub the woodwork down with medium grade sandpaper to give a key for the new covering.

Preparation is the biggest section in our guide as it is probably the most important step to achieving that high quality look for which you strive..

Have a cup of tea.




Paint the ceiling next in the colour of your choice. White is most the most commonly used colour but, if you have a great imagination, go with your own choice.

If you are choosing to have the walls painted, that is your next job. Matt emulsion covers the walls better than silk, but cannot be wiped clean as easily, so make your decision on which to use.

Then comes painting or varnishing the woodwork




Make a statement about your style by choosing an exciting new, or even retro, design. Many people have paper on just one wall. What will you do?




Can you consider new flooring too? Flooring has a dramatic and instant effect on your room. How about some nice new laminate flooring with colourful rugs placed strategically around? Alternatively will you stick to the traditional carpet? Your choice, but a fun one to make.




If you are able to afford new furniture to complete your room, it is the ultimate final touch. Solid wood furniture such as can be found at Furniture 4 Your Home, or many other high class outlets, can complement wooden flooring perfectly.




Window blinds have come down in price over the last few years. There are many exciting new colours and styles. I’m sure you will find a great blind for you windows. Maybe you enjoy the warmth of curtains more. A new set will, along with new furniture and flooring, change your room beyond all recognition.


So, as you can see, decorating isn’t all about wall coverings. By choosing furniture and other accessories carefully, you could be blessed with a new living room in no time at all. So then…Sit back and have a well earned cup of tea.



5 ways to restore the look of leather sofas

If you have invested in a leather sofa you have probably spent a fair amount of money. Leather is one of the most durable materials around, but that doesn’t mean that it is not susceptible to damage and looking past its best. The good news is that there are many ways you can spruce up your leather so that it looks as good as the day you first bought it home.

1. Leather cleaners

There are many leather cleaning kits on the market today that will give you great results. Just be careful to choose the right leather cleaner as leather sofas can be damaged quite easily if you choose the wrong product. Choose a product that has been tried and tested on your type of leather and if in doubt, ask.

2. Reapplication of leather dye

Leather can become faded in places due to general wear and tear but there are many companies that now sell leather dye that you can apply at home. To get the perfect colour match, most companies suggest snipping off a piece of leather from the back of your sofa or underneath so they can match the shade perfectly.

3. Use a professional cleaning team

Hire a cleaning company that can deal with leather sofas as this can often give you an exceptional result. Leather cleaning companies will have access to some of the best cleaning products on the market today and will also give you sound advice on how to look after your leather. You will have to hire a completely dependable and economical company to get the best results quickly.

4. Use a leather protection product

Once you have cleaned your leather sofa, you can apply a special protection barrier that will repel dirt and liquids and stop your leather sofa from becoming damaged or stained easily. Therefore if you want to restore the look of your home sofas, you will have to utilize leather protection item cautiously.

5. Cleaning leather on a budget

If you can’t afford to invest in leather cleaners or protectors, good old soap and water can also work wonders. Use a gentle mixture of soap and water and a soft sponge to remove all traces of dirt. You can then use a few spritzes of furniture polish over your sofa to bring out the shine. Don’t forget your budget line as well!

Now Everyone Can Afford Professional Office Joinery


These days, businesses need every edge that they can get over their competition if they want to be successful. What you may not have realised is that one of the best ways to achieve this is to improve the physical appearance of your premises via office joinery. This doesn’t have to be an overly expensive exercise involving extensive renovations, but it will all depend on the look you are trying to achieve. The good news is that a professional joinery company will be able to show you how to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Exterior Office Joinery

One area that could probably use some attention is the outside of your premises, especially because it is one of the first things that clients and visitors will see when they visit your business. Whilst this will certainly cover landscaping (which most joinery companies will not touch), it will also cover the appearance of the building itself. There are a number of things that you could change, update or even add, including:

  • A new façade, such as timber or rendering, as this will completely overhaul the building;
  • A front entrance that is protected from the elements and is clearly definable as where you go in;
  • A new door that is both welcoming and easy to use, providing visitors with plenty of room;
  • A heated courtyard for your employees to enjoy lunch or smoke breaks without being exposed; and
  • A large window display that allows plenty of natural light into the building and shows it off.

Interior Office Joinery

The main area of your premises that will require some attention, however, is the inside because this is where your employees and clients will spend most of their time. Most people aren’t bothered with updating their workspace because they feel that it’s working for them. There is a wealth of things that can be done to the inside of your building to either make it more aesthetically appealing or to make it more productive, including:

  • A proper reception area with at least seating for clients and visitors who are waiting for appointments;
  • A defined work area for each of your employees or each department to help avoid distractions;
  • A kitchen or break room that is comfortable and provides your clients with the necessary amenities;
  • A meeting room that offers absolute privacy so that sensitive meetings and phone calls can be conducted; and
  • A set of new furniture that has been designed with ergonomics in mind to keep employees healthy.

If you work for a business that has been looking for new ways to get an edge over your competition, we hope that you will consider office joinery as being the ideal solution. As you can see from the above points, there are plenty of ways that you can work towards improving the appearance of your premises – and they don’t all have to cost you an arm and a leg. Make sure that you speak with a qualified professional about your joinery options before you make any final decisions, as they may be able to come up with ideas you hadn’t even thought of.

If you are looking office joinery in Melbourne, Australia Contact Spaceworks. They provide cabinets design, wardrobes fit outs, and home office design.

Importance of Gas Boilers in the Home

Gas boilers are devices that are used to heat the home and provide hot water. They form part of the heating system and use combustion to heat the home through a series of pipes in the walls, floors and ceiling. Normally, boilers use different heating mechanisms, but gas boilers use natural gas connections. The boiler is the central part of the heating system. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the boiler is in good condition always.


In order to be comfortable at home, one has to install systems that regulate temperature indoors. Boilers are a good example of such systems. They operate on a simple mechanism of circulating hot water around the building so as to raise the temperatures to a more desirable state.

Moreover, boiler systems provide a building with hot water for use. This is very important especially during winter, when the temperatures are unbearable. Therefore, it is important for one to have a boiler system in his or her home.



There are three main types of boilers available in the market. They include:

• Combination boilers

• Conventional boilers

• System boilers

Combination boilers, also known as combine boilers, provide hot water and heat without water cylinders or tanks. Due to this, they are able to occupy much less space compared to other types of boilers. However, they are not able to provide enough pressure to support several running taps at a time.

System boilers or sealed systems have a cylinder. The cylinder normally sits on top of an airing cupboard. The good thing about this system is that there is no water tank and it can provide hot water from several taps at the same time. The problem is that hot water is not provided instantly. If it has run out, one has to wait for it to reheat.

Conventional boilers are also known as regular or open vent boilers. They have a tank and a cylinder and can provide water to several taps at the same time. Their disadvantage is that they occupy a large space and once the hot water runs out, one has to wait for it to reheat. They are ideal for homes, which require hot water in multiple taps at the same time.

Choosing a Boiler

When choosing a gas boiler, it is good to consider several things. Efficiency is one of them.  Just like any other heating and cooling system, boilers are rated according to their efficiency level. The efficiency rating varies from one type of boiler to the next, depending on the type of technology it uses. Therefore, one should select a boiler that has the best rating, in order to save on the utility bills.

Other things that one should consider are:

• Installation cos

• Maintenance and operational costs

• Energy star

Selecting a Boiler

There is usually a debate on whether to purchase oil or gas boilers. Both types of boilers have some advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice is determined by the requirements of a person’s home or building.

Perfect Way to Keep the House Interiors Spick and Span

Advantages of hiring professional cleaners

Commercial Cleaning

One of the notable characteristics of the contemporary period is that everyone is busy to the core, attending their own official duties and rarely do they find the time to rest. This scarcity of time compels everyone to engage the services of expert cleaners, for making their dwellings spick and span. Such practiced cleaners will perform the dusting and cleaning works, in proficient and skilled ways. The key benefits of hiring the services of professional cleaners are:

  • One will be able to utilize the rarely getting spare time, for entertainment purpose, rather than forgoing it for the cleaning chores.

  • Professional cleaning companies will use the most modern equipments and cleaning materials, and this will make the house tidy.

  • Specialized cleaning will add more glamour to the interiors, as well as to the encircling exterior areas.

Find out the best house-cleaning company

In our time, it is not that much difficult to find out the whereabouts of the professional cleaning companies that stay in close proximity. The best and sensible way is to search through the various internet sources; by all means, within a very short internet search using the relevant keywords like ‘house cleaning experts’ or ‘professional cleaners’, one and all will be able to find the websites of expert cleaning companies such as Homejoy. That being said, one must take proper care, while handing over the work to a cleaning company; one must check and find out the company’s experience in doing such tasks, and about the various modern machineries, they are utilizing for the same. One must ensure that the company is capable of carrying out the cleaning chores, in proper and professional manners.

Is it possible to book online?

mamnaging finance

Of course, online bookings are possible, as far as all modern professional cleaning companies are concerned and in fact, this method is very much advisable. By this way, the concerned individuals can get a clue, regarding the money needed for the proposed cleaning works. For making online booking, one will have to enter the web page of the particular cleaner, with whom he or she is going to have a contract, and fill the required form. One must give the number of rooms, number of bathrooms and the square footage of the house. Then the company will inform them about the cost and the time required for performing the task.

Vital points, while selecting a cleaning company

  • The company must be reliable and must be sincere in carrying out the agreed works, in the desired manner. For ensuring this point, one can check the credentials and can discuss with the current or past clients of the company.

  • The company management must be supportive, and they must be prompt in providing the agreed services.

  • Pricing is indeed a significant factor and must not be exorbitant.

  • There should be proper insurance support, and the workers must be well experienced.

  • The various materials used for the work should be standard ones, and they must not use any harmful chemicals for cleaning.

  • The concerned workers must be honest in their works, and they must clean all areas of the house and for making sure of this condition, there must be constant supervision from the management side.

Vital Guidelines Regarding Industrial Hoses

Importance of Quality Industrial Hoses

Buying a quality industrial hose will ensure that you escape the long-term complications associated with a wrong choice of a hose. Such hoses are also resistant to high temperatures that may reduce their lifespan. On average, higher pressures may burst the hose. However, a quality hose is resistant to adverse effects of pressures. Quality hoses are also resistant to chemical effects and can be obtained at www.cutandcouple.com.

Hydraulic hose

This is a synthetic rubber, high pressure, Teflon or thermoplastic reinforced hose specifically designed for transporting fluid that transmits force in hydraulic machinery. The history of its use goes back to 1940s when engineers learnt that hydraulic systems could be lighter, compact and self-lubricating when used.


Hydraulic hoses are designed in three basic parts.  First, it has an inner tube that carries the fluid. Next, it has protection comprising of a sheath of braided wire or spiral wound wire. Lastly, it has a third outer layer that gives protection from weather, oil, abrasion or chemicals.


The lifespan of a hydraulic hose is vulnerable to twisting, stretching, flexing, kinking, crushing or scratching. In addition to sudden temperatures changes, severe rises or drops in internal pressures can also break it down.  Other factors such as wrong weight, type or size may also break it down. Quality hoses however exist for years on end.


Hydraulic hoses aid in turning forces from a few ounces of pressure to hundreds of tons of output. With the use of hydraulic hose, hydraulic machines can generate quite powerful low speed force and handling speed and movement of machinery with great accuracy. They also enable hydraulic machinery to operate safely in places with flammable vapors.

Uses of hoses

Choice of a hose depends on material to be used on. A garden hose helps in watering gardens and lawns. Others such as a tough hose help in watering crops through drip irrigation. On the other hand, a fire hose is essential for transporting water to a fire point when extinguishing fire. Some hoses are also used in air brake systems, such as railway air brake hoses. During construction, plastic or metal hoses can be used to transport water around a structure or building. In Automotives, they are used in moving fluids used in cooling, hydraulics or lubrication.

Common hose assemblies

Hose assemblies consist of high pressure rubber hoses with connectors at each end. The ends are often made of brass. Such assemblies make way for liquid or high pressure gas to travel through. Examples of common hose assemblies include jack hammer hose assemblies, tank truck hose assemblies and airline assemblies.

Building hose assemblies

When building a hose assembly, lubricate the fitting threads before attaching the hose to the unreachable end of its routing. Next, tighten it in such a way that allows the hose to turn. Subsequently, attach the last end of the hose in the same way as above. Make sure the hose properly is oriented along its routing and fit in the support clamps.

Where to buy good industrial hoses

Quality industrial hoses can be obtained at Cut and Couple. The company boasts of highly skilled and qualified personnel that can custom design a hose assembly according to your needs. Visit www.cutandcouple.com to shop for a good industrial hose.